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Here you will find a brief run down of recommended grooming equipment to purchase to help keep your dog in tip top condition with your regular at home grooming.

You should be maintaining your own dogs hygiene at home, a groomer can only do so much for a dog that isn't brushed regularly. If you can't manage to get a comb through your dogs coat every few days at home there isn't a chance we can do it in the space of an hour. If you want a cute fluffy dog, you will be doing 60% of the work at home on top of regular appointments.


Slicker brushes are ideal for medium to long haired, double coats and curly coated breeds. This brush can be used to thoroughly brush through your dogs coat starting from root to tip and its great to help brush out mats.

They come in a variety of sizes, styles and bristle strength to best suit your dogs breed.

You can also purchase a ball pin slicker, this is much softer. Ideal for puppies in training, brushing out near eyes and for dogs with delicate skin.



The rake is perfect for double coated dog breeds. It is a quick and effective way to lift any dead hair that has built up. Particularly around the chest and bum area.

This brush works great along side a slicker brush and comes in a variety of sizes and styles to best suit your dog.



A good metal comb is the tool everyone needs! Once you brushed your dog with the desired brushes you finish up by combing out any remaining hair. The comb will help you find any spots you haven't brushed out correctly as it will struggle to get through the hair. Its also perfect for faces and ears!



No body wants to be giving ear scratches to a dog with smelly waxy ears, it also isn't healthy for your dog if you allow this build up to occur. Use the ear wipes to gently wipe away any nasty gunk you see form on the outside of your dogs ear canal (never place the wipe or your finger in the canal!).

Prevention is better than cure! You wouldn't be comfortable or happy with dirty ears, neither will your dog.

Always use a clean wipe for each ear

If you are struggling, give us a call we are here to help!



Eye wipes are great for removing unsightly eye boogers from your dog. Gently wipe downwards away from the eye.

Allowing this dirt to build up will lead to eye irritation and skin sensitivity. A couple extra minuets from your daily life every other day will help prevent an expensive vet bill!   

Always use a clean wipe for each eye

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